What is the definition of Guy Code?

“That’s a tough question,” says “Guy Code” show creator Ryan Ling. “For me, it’s just about doing the right thing.”

You can’t define Guy Code because everyone’s idea about “the right thing” is different. Some codes are universal, while others vary by neighborhood. That’s evident by the differing opinions even within our own TV show, blog and podcast. Guy Code isn’t dogma. It was never chiseled in stone and brought down from the mountain by Broses (Moses’s cool younger brother).

Guy Code Blog is a place to argue these codes, get advice on everything from dating to sports, call out code breakers and laugh at (and learn from) our own idiotic mistakes. We celebrate guys who live awesomely and find the comedy in f*ck-ups.

Nobody has a perfect batting average, but with the next generation of comedians bringing you daily hard-learned knowledge on ladies, loyalty, pranks and more, you’ll be defining and upholding your own Guy Codes in no time.