Sleeping Naked Makes Couples Happier, Study Says

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If your relationship is on the rocks, the problem could be a lack of communication, or incompatible personality differences, or deep-seated trust issues. Or maybe it’s just your stupid pajamas.

According to a new study of more than 1,000 people in England, sleeping naked together is more likely to make you happier with your romantic partner. That may sound like it comes from the Department Of No Sh*t, Sherlock, but nude slumber leads to a 57% happiness rate, versus 38% to 48% for those who prefer various kinds of sleepwear.

(Unsurprisingly, “onesies” are considered the least sexy item of clothing.)

This would imply that Americans have more romantic troubles than the British, since only 8% of us sleep in the buff. Then again, correlation doesn’t mean causation. If a couple is passing out after all-night sex marathons, of course they’ll be happier than a sexless couple who merely removes their clothes and silently resents each other.

Still, there is some actual science behind the theory. Dr. Natasha Turner writes that pajamas keep your body too warm, which can mess up your sleep patterns and “disrupt the release of your main anti-aging hormones,” “increase appetite…lower your libido, and [increase] cravings for sugar and carbs.”

Just remember: Naked means completely naked, because 23% of respondents hate it when their partners wear socks to bed. Although we might have to defer to Emily Ratajkowski on that one.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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