Insider Secrets To Why Girls Win Every Argument


You know that resistance is futile, and yet time and time again, you enter into verbal battle with the foolish notion that this time, victory will be yours. The reality is, however, you are facing a nemesis who is armed with an arsenal of tactics that you wouldn’t even think to use. Here’s why girls win every argument. Always.

They Don’t Keep It Limited To The Issue At Hand

For girls, winning a fight and being right can be two totally separate issues. The title will belong to he who gets the last word. (Spoiler alert: That “he” is a “she.”)

If she realizes midway through an argument that you have a valid point, she can and will switch the subject to one of the other things wrong with you, regardless of whether it’s relevant to the current conversation.

They Have A Better Emotional Vocabulary

Women have a wealth of words for expressing feelings, whereas men are mostly familiar with just four emotional concepts: Happy, angry, horny and hungry. Trying to argue with her about the negative emotions you’ve elicited in her is like attempting to defend yourself in a court of law when you’ve had no legal training — and when the trial is conducted in an ancient language you don’t even speak.

They Have The Eye Of The Tiger

The female mind has the endurance of a warrior, and is prepared (and able) to exhaust you to the point of surrender. Things like getting a good night’s sleep are necessary casualties in battle, whereas you’ll admit defeat in exchange for a couple hours of shuteye before work.

They’re Prepared For Major Collateral Damage

Women know your deepest, most vulnerable spots. Are you insecure about your penis size? Do you fear that you’re a failure professionally? She knows the answers to these questions and keeps that knowledge tucked away like a nuclear bomb. She doesn’t want to have to use it, but if this is a fight to end all fights, so be it.

Save yourself the pain with two little words: “You’re right.” Because you’ll eventually be saying them anyway.

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Tess Barker (@TesstifyBarker) is a stand-up comic and co-host of the “Lady to Lady” podcast.