Why Every Guy Needs To Get In At Least One Fight


Whoever wrote, “The pen is mightier than the sword,” probably got beat up a lot. There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to stand up for himself, put up his fists and start swingin’. Some pacifists might disagree, but if a fight is unavoidable, then it’s much better to give a black eye than to receive one.

Should you fight all the time? No. Should you actively seek out a fight with a stranger? No. Well, is there money involved? Did they kidnap your brother? (See, it’s not that simple.) One of life’s simple truths, however, is that every man needs to fight at least once in his life, and here’s why…

The Story

Someday you’ll have kids, and kids loves stories. What better tale to share than the time you heroically knocked that guy’s block off because you had to defend yourself? This is a great opportunity to explain why, even though fighting shouldn’t be your first move, you should be prepared if need be. Even if you lost the fight, tell them how you still had your honor, just like a medieval knight.

The Rush

Human beings are rational, levelheaded and cerebral beings 90% of the time. But when we get pushed over the edge, something snaps in our squishy gray thing and we revert back to our animal nature. Whoooooooo! Yeeeeahhhh!!

Suddenly it’s all kicks and punches, and surprisingly it feels good. Real good. Sound crazy? Maybe it is, but when your body starts pumping adrenaline and your heart gets going, you never feel more alive. You’re not a monster — your body is just reacting to a stressful situation. Though it’s probably not gonna feel so terrific when that adrenaline wears off.

The Respect

Win or lose, people respect a guy who stands up for himself. Maybe you weren’t endowed with superhuman strength — or even just a little strength — but at least you were born with courage. Other people will look up to you, even if you have to squint through a swollen eye to see them back. That’s a man badge for your face. You don’t corner a lion (even the little ones) without getting a scratch.

Of course, the flip side is NOBODY respects a guy who needlessly starts a fight, especially against someone weaker. That makes you a bully, not a champ.

The Self-Knowledge

That’s right. You really find out what kind of a man you are when you go mano-a-mano. Do you hold your own or crumple into a ball on the ground? Do you fight fair or go for the cheap shot? Just remember: More often than not, it takes a bigger man to walk away.

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Tony Sam (@Toekneesam) is a stand-up comedian and has written for MTV’s “Ridiculousness.”