How Your Hangover Can Make You More Attractive To Girls


So you were the life of the party last night, but now you feel like death. That doesn’t (necessarily) mean girls think you’re as gross as your hangover symptoms would lead you to believe. You’re sweaty and nauseous, but underneath it all, you’re like a puppy that’s so disgusting it’s cute. If you play it off right — and don’t puke directly on her — you can even make it attractive. Here’s how…

Spend The Day In Bed Together

OK, you couldn’t get out of bed even if you wanted to. Lean into this feeling, put on an old movie and engage in some light cuddling (if she can tolerate your smell). Presenting your hangover this way will make it seem more sweet than pathetic. She can tell her girlfriends, “We never left the bedroom,” even if you were just curled in the fetal position the whole time.

Brunch Date

If you can make it out of bed, you’ll actually want to do brunch for once, but only because you’re so hungover you’d eat anything with enough grease in it. If you’re too wrecked for public spaces, opt for delivery. You’ll seem generous for treating her either way, when you’re really just focused on making the nausea go away. It doesn’t matter, a fed girl is a happy girl.

Show Your Vulnerable Side

Girls don’t love to admit this, but sometimes it’s fun to take care of you. It’s not even that we’re particularly nurturing; it’s just kind of empowering when someone else is the mess.

No matter how unattractive it may seem on the surface, your vulnerability can still be more of a turn-on than a weakness (unless you freak out about it). The odds are that she’s been there herself, and is treating you how she wants to be treated. But this will backfire if it happens regularly, because no one wants to be a Mom Girlfriend.

Be Grateful

Not only is your ego temporarily checked, you’re also really appreciative. It might suck to feel indebted to someone, but the tradeoff is that she thinks your rare display of humility is adorable. So between dry-heaves, thank her for the aspirin and Gatorade, repeatedly.

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Lauren Vino (@LaurenVino) is a writer, comedian and girl in NYC.