What Your Texting Style Says About You


Sure, you may not do something really weird with your phone like talk on it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re using it correctly. Check out what girls might be assuming about you based on the way you text, and make sure you’re sending the right message. Literally.

Excessive Use Of Emojis Or Emoticons

Emoticons are like hair products: No girl wants to date a guy who uses more than her. A light smattering of cleverly chosen pizza emojis or an occasional dirty text punctuated with a winky face is fine, but send too many and chances are your :)’s are making her :( big time.

(Non-Dirty) Photo Attachments

Sending pictures of funny or cool things you see throughout your day and want to share with her shows that you’re thoughtful and have a good sense of humor. Avoid email subjects with “FW: FW: Fw: Fw: FW:” though, that’s just for your grandparents.

Dirty Photo Attachments

Dirty pics, on the other hand, are the opposite of thoughtful (unless they’ve been specifically requested). Most girls will assume an unsolicited dick pic from a guy they don’t know very well is essentially the world’s saddest mass text.

Intentionally Misspelled Words

Shud u decide it’s a gr8 idea to not uze spell check, just kno it’s not making u look 2 brite!

More Words Than A Classic Russian Novel

‘What do you feel like doing tonight?’ is not intended to be a long-form essay question. Sending huge chunks of your interior monologue is a telltale sign that you’re a little neurotic and a lot high maintenance.

Funny, Flirty & Well-Punctuated

This is the trifecta of ideal text behavior. If you hit even two out of three on a regular basis, you’re miles ahead of your competition and basically doing the written equivalent of opening doors for her.

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Tess Barker (@TesstifyBarker) is a stand-up comic and co-host of the “Lady to Lady” podcast.