10 Of The Best Hip-Hop Manthems


Hip-hop is full of manthems. The whole genre has a history of creating songs that make guys want to beat their chests, grab their crotches and yell, “I’m the F*CKIN’ MAN!” There are a handful though that really take it to the next level. Tracks that ramp you up and make you want to shake a vending machine when you didn’t even put any quarters in it, but still demand those damn Cheetos. While pumping the volume and dropping the bass at the office, we decided to put together a tight list of our favorite 10 rap manthems. Warning: reading further may cause you to break something.

Kanye West – “Power”

With lines like “I guess every superhero need his theme music” and “No one man should have all this power,” Yeezus made “Power” the Incredible Hulk of Rap Manthems. Can you even hear the opening and not want to rip off your shirt and pound on your chest?

Jim Jones – “We Fly High (Ballin)”

Jim Jones‘ “Ballin” is the song you play when you have more than three bucks in your wallet, you march into the mall and you buy that Gucci belt when it’s not even on sale. This track is for dudes who like to floss and want everyone to know their wallet stretches beyond Mickey D’s value meals.

A$AP Rocky – “F**kin Problems”

Is there any greater of a crotch-grabbing manthem than a bold declaration of nymphomania? Doubtful. A$AP Rocky has a whole crew of dudes (Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar) all chiming in: “Yup, I’m so oversexed too.” You and your boys suffer from their same affliction right? OK maybe not…but it’s fun to dream.

Jay Z – “Big Pimpin”

Pimp might be a four letter word, but pimpin’ isn’t. It ain’t easy either, unless you’re Jay Z. This hip-hop standard makes the average dude feel like he’s on South Beach balancing a bottle of D’Usse on the backside of some girl in a thong. Then the song ends and you’re back in your room all alone saying, “What just happened?”

The Notorious B.I.G. – “Big Poppa”

“Throw your hands in the air, if you’s a true playa.” Even if you’re not, just throw your hands in the air to Biggie‘s classic, because if your hands are down you look like you spend your nights alone watching Netflix. Man up!

Rick Ross – “Hustlin”

Rick Ross is the Godfather of Manthems, but let’s take it all the way back to his Day One with “Hustlin.” This makes anyone feel like a boss. No wait, a BAWSE. From entry level to middle management, this one goes out to all the hustlers.

Lil Wayne – “Got Money”

Not only is this song awesome, it’s a fully functioning navigational system. Where do you throw your money? Why, thissa way and thatta way, of course! Lil Wayne is letting dudes everywhere know that it’s OK to make it rain, even when the forecast calls for sun.

Lil Jon – “Turn Down For What”

Technically even the ladies can get turnt, but come on. This one goes out to all the dudes who parked their cars in a No Parking zone to get to the club faster and don’t even care about the price to pull it from the towing yard. Ya know, real G s**t.

T.I. – “Go Get It”

“I’m the Marathon Man, all I do is run s**t,” T.I. raps. Here’s a song that is dedicated to all of the guys who are on the grind and get whatever they want. If that’s not you, then make a mid-year resolution to be that guy by 2015.

Eminem – “Rap God”

Feel the need to be godly? Bump Eminem and you’ll feel immortal. Sure, you don’t spit rhymes, but apply it to your life. Be the Customer Service God or the Beer God. Be anything you want to be, with the help of Marshall Mathers.

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