A Girl Explains Why Girls Act Differently When You Start Dating


Single girls hear all the time how easy it is (or should be) to get a boyfriend. This kind of encouragement usually includes advice like, “You have boobs.” The reality is that finding love is hard, and once you’ve found it, it’s even harder to act normal about it. Overwhelmed by excitement, anxiety and feel-good sex hormones, our feelings can be equally overwhelming to anyone in our path, especially the lucky guy who caused them. Don’t worry, this extreme giddiness is temporary. Here’s what’s really going on…

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She’s A Space Case

Girls get a bad rap for being flaky, but a study in the November 2013 journal of Motivation and Emotion found that people in love have a harder time focusing on relevant information and performing tasks. So when she locks her keys in the car, you know you’re the one.

She Tells EVERYONE About You

This is her version of shouting your love from the rooftops. To her it feels like a natural impulse to share the news of your relationship. To everyone else, it seems like she’s answering questions such as “what’s your name?” with “I have a boyfriend!” But having a girl sing your praises isn’t so bad. Enjoy the good publicity while it lasts.

She’s Sleep Deprived

The odds are she hasn’t had more than a few consecutive hours of sleep since you became her sweaty man-blanket. And it’s not just your sexual chemistry that’s keeping her up at night — learning to share a bed with someone new (or someone at all) is an adjustment. She’s likely concentrating on keeping her head on your shoulder…and off your gross sheets. Admit it, you act a little funny when you can’t get quality rest, too.

She’s Almost On Drugs

There are drugs that can make you act like you’re in love, so it makes sense that love can make you act like you’re on drugs. Psychologist Dr. Shauna Springer compares the honeymoon period of a relationship to a “cocaine rush.” And if you haven’t met someone on cocaine, just know it’s the most annoying thing in the world.

She Feels Loved, And It’s Awesome

Girls with boyfriends are excited about it simply because they can be. When people feel valued, they also feel comfortable sliding into their unguarded selves. That’s why women in their 30s still draw hearts around names. And the best part is that when a girl does that, you can too. It feels much better than it looks.

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Lauren Vino (@LaurenVino) is a comedian, writer and girl in NYC.