T.I. And Floyd Mayweather Brawl In Las Vegas, America Wins


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the pound-for-pound best boxer alive. T.I. was in “ATL,” a movie about roller skating. So when the two fight, you know it’s going to get real.

Deadspin and others are reporting that the rapper and boxer squared off in Las Vegas last night, although not mano-a-mano.

Of course, since it’s 2014, someone whipped out an iPhone and uploaded the pre-fight ‘press conference’ to Instagram. It clearly features Money Mayweather, and TMZ reports he is yelling at T.I.’s wife Tiny. No word if he was demanding to know about the return of “T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle.”

Next came the actual fight, which took place at Fatburger because of a prior sponsorship deal. TMZ claims T.I. threw a punch at May, which makes him the most gangster rapper alive, and certainly the bravest person on earth named Clifford. Since no rap brawl is complete without flying chairs, watch below for a lot of screaming and furniture being tossed.

Several people remarked during the fight, “Man, I wish he was fighting Pacquiao instead.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Evan Scott Schwartz (@TheEvanSchwartz) is a writer from New York City.