Watch Melanie Iglesias Play With Huge Guns

melanie iglesias guns

Guns: They’re kind of controversial! Whatever your stance on gun control, though, good luck controlling yourself while watching this video of Melanie Iglesias wielding a f*ck-ton of firepower. It’s part of her recent visit to a Hollywood armory that supplies all the props for your favorite action movies — part one came out last month, and part two includes a friggin’ rocket launcher:

Yeah, we thought you might be a little trigger happy after watching that. It’s actually part of a campaign that “blends cutting-edge photography with comic-book-inspired visuals” to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Charities of America — so relax, hippies! The Second Amendment never looked so good:

melanie iglesias guns

melanie iglesias weapons1

melanie iglesias weapons2

melanie iglesias weapons3

melanie iglesias weapons5

[Via Guyism]

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