Hanson’s ‘Mmmhops’ Beer Available Nationwide Today


Back in 1997, teen-pop band Hanson (comprised of brothers Taylor, Isaac and Zac Hanson) recorded a smash hit single called “Mmmbop.” It was on the radio and MTV constantly, and you’d have it stuck in your head for days, but guys wouldn’t admit to liking the infectious tune because tons of girls had crushes on the band members. It’s kinda like if One Direction had Kurt Cobain haircuts:

(Yeah, there’s no way to feel sad listening to that. It’s like audio Prozac.)

Years later, after the teenybopper stigma wore off, Hanson made a comeback attempt, and it was obvious these guys had real talent. Let’s hope that skill extends to their side projects, because today the brothers released their craft beer Mmmhops Pale Ale — in development since 2011 and previously only available in their home state of Oklahoma — for sale everywhere online.

Yes, the ’90s are back, except this time we can legally drink. The guys at Vice gave Mmmhops a somewhat mixed review, but with 7.5% alcohol, you’ll be singing along in no time:

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