10 Women Who Are Winning The Selfie Game

Hate it or love it, we live in a selfie world now. It’s inevitable you’ll see a few selfies every day — there’s no hiding — so you might as well follow these 10 wonderful/sexy/funny/creative gals who are conquering the selfie game. Below is a mix of models, comedians, actresses and just all-around big-time smiles on Instagram. Stretch your thumbs; you’ll be doing a lot of double tapping.

1. Chiara Ferragni

chiara ferragni

Who: Chiara is a widely-followed fashion blogger and designer who also rocks the runway, has written a book and is mostly known as “the Blonde Salad.”
Why: Expect selfies of Chiara skydiving while still looking stylish and making In-N-Out Burger look sexy.
Where: @chiaraferragni

2. Aidy Bryant

aidy bryant

Who: You know Aidy as a standout on “SNL” and just being the hilarious person she is.
Why: Expect selfies that’ll make you smile, because she just inherently makes people smile.
Where: @aidybryant

3. Mellisa Clarke

mellisa clarke

Who: Mellisa describes herself as a “rock/party DJ and model.” We haven’t heard her spin, but she’s definitely photogenic.
Why: She’s self-effacing with a pretty good sense of humor and some of the best curves you’ll see on this list.
Where: @melclarkey

4. Jenny Slate

jenny slate

Who: You know Jenny for her stint on “SNL,” stealing scenes on “Parks and Recreation” and as a co-star on “Kroll Show.”
Why: She’s one of the oddest, funniest and most creative people around. She’s way pretty, but can also change her selfie facial expression to basically every emoticon around. She’s a chameleon!
Where: @jennyslate

5. Jen Selter

jen selter

Who: Jen is a fitness model who has, by far, the most popular ass on Instagram. (She even gave us some butt workout tips for guys.)
Why: See above. She also takes really creative and cool photos in addition to the fitness ones, so you don’t have to constantly see her working out while you’re stuffing your face with nachos.
Where: @jenselter

6. Lupita Nyong’o

lupita nyong'o

Who: Lupita is the Oscar-winning, mega-talented and beautiful actress who stole our hearts and the red carpet at the same time.
Why: She’s just so gorgeous, it’s unreal. You can see her genuine excitement in every selfie — she’s just so happy to be here. We are, too!
Where: @lupitanyongo

7. Aubrey Plaza

aubrey plaza

Who: You know her from “Parks and Recreation,” “The To Do List,” “Safety Not Guaranteed” and being rad with Anna Kendrick. At this point, she’s pretty much on all our “Top 5 People I Would Marry” lists.
Why: Because you know Aubrey actually hates selfies — so she might give you the finger on the red carpet or be hidden in a hoodie on set — but each selfie has an underlying, “I’m just having fun with ya” tone.
Where: @aubreyplaza

8. Ashley Benson

ashley benson

Who: You know her from “Pretty Little Liars” and “Spring Breakers.”
Why: She just takes beautiful selfies. Maybe it’s her eyes, maybe it’s when she randomly wears black lipstick or is trying to get a tan, but whatever she’s doing is like a staring contest because you won’t be able to look away.
Where: @itsashbenzo

9. Kaley Cuoco

kaley cuoco

Who: She makes “The Big Bang Theory” really worth watching.
Why: She has an alter-ego in “Norman Cook” that she ‘grams from, and while you’ll see a range of selfies from a new haircut to dog kisses on set, you always see her smiling.
Where: @normancook

10. Chrissy Teigen

chrissy teigen

Who: Chrissy is an extremely likable model and John Legend‘s wife. She can run with VIPs at the Super Bowl and then pop up in a sketch on “Inside Amy Schumer.”
Why: She is just on another level sexy, but she’s also funny. She’s taking selfies because it’s apparent she has fun with them, and wants her followers to have fun with her.
Where: @chrissyteigen

Photo Credit: @chiaraferragni, @aidybryant, @melclarkey, @jennyslate, @jenselter, @lupitanyongo#, @aubreyplaza, @itsashbenzo, @chrissyteigen, @normancook, @ilizas

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