BBQ Facts To Impress Your Boys With This Summer

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Every time we think the weather is warming up this year, Mother Nature hocks an ice-cold loogie in our faces. But May is here and this weekend is supposed to be decent, so our fingers are crossed that Winterpocalypse 2014 is almost over. Which, if true, means that barbecue season is right around the corner.

Like with any party, a barbecue requires some basic social interaction. Even though you want to knock on the door of some friend’s house and immediately scarf fistfuls of sumptuous meat down your face-hole like a ravenous beast, you have to make polite conversation before, during and after the meal. And that means learning some trivia that makes you sound like an expert — a learned scholar whose endless wisdom delights the assembled revelers — not just, y’know, a moocher who wanted/needed free food from your buddy’s fridge.

Fortunately our buds at Guyism did all the research for you, compiling the basics on BBQ styles throughout the nation. From St. Louis (lots of snouts) to Memphis (pizza and nachos aren’t uncommon to use as “plates”) and even Hawaiian luaus, memorize these facts and be the life of your next meat party…

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Photo Credit: Arnold Gatilao/Flickr

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