Health Reasons Why Every Guy Needs Regular Sex

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We all like sex. Well, it would be really weird if you didn’t like sex — like, I’m talking “study your brain for science” kind of weird. So let’s assume you’re normal and like sex. OK, good! In addition to feeling like the physical equivalent of the Fourth of July grand finale, it does your body good, and here’s how…


Why get on the gym treadmill when you can “sexercise” from the comfort of home? If you go long enough, you’ll burn calories, break a sweat and get that heart rate up. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, vigorous boning can burn about 35 calories in 20 minutes. Running for the same amount of time burns 261 calories, so unfortunately you’ll get a better workout outside the bedroom, but you won’t have nearly as much fun.

Strength Training

The more creative you are during sex, the better. Depending on what your kinky self is doing in the bedroom (or on the kitchen counter), you can actually build some muscle. Lift your partner up with shoulder presses! Build those legs while squatting! Quick, intense workouts followed by restful sleep are the best kind for bulking up, according to Men’s Health, which sounds a lot like sex to us. Do three reps of 10 and drink a protein shake after, Goliath.

(Also, be sure to wear a condom, because you don’t want to “feel the burn” after this kind of workout.)

Cleaning The Pipes

Just like when you do a little spring cleaning in your apartment, it’s good to clean the plumbing out. A man’s reproductive health is dependent on the proper functioning of his beans. The American Medical Association found that having 21 orgasms per month lowers your chance of prostate cancer, so do your body a favor and try to get lucky two out of every three nights.

Confidence & Happiness

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. I don’t know about you, but I feel like a million damn bucks after sex. That’s partly because the pituitary gland floods the body with the chemical oxytocin, which helps to create feelings of relaxation and warmth and, well, happiness. Actually, sex is better for your happiness levels than money, Dartmouth researchers found. It’s like you and your ding-dong won the lottery — so feel good about feeling good!

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Tony Sam (@Toekneesam) has written for MTV’s “Ridiculousness” and is a stand-up comedian.