Chris Distefano Talks About His Dad, Baseball, His Breakup & More

Chrissy D and his pal CC

Chris Distefano is living the dream right now. Not only is he one of the most-promising young comics in the game and a favorite with the Code Crew, he’s now co-hosting “Off The Bat” on MTV2 and gets to meet all of his baseball heroes. He has CC Sabathia‘s cell number. Not because he stole it, because CC willingly gave it to him!

On this week’s new episode of “Guy Code Podcast,” Chrissy D tells Ryan Ling and Ryan McKee about growing up with his Bronx-tough father, who taught him how to shoot a handgun into the ocean, how to evade cops in a car chase, properly fight with baseball bats and more. Next, he goes into all the fun he’s been having on the set of “Off The Bat,” hanging out with the biggest names in the MLB. Turns out, baseball players are actually funny and interesting. The podcast closes with the guys talking about Chris’s recent breakup and how he’s gotten through it … in a good way, not a sad, depressing way. Download it now! It’s probably the best one yet. Distefano is a great storyteller.

Photo Credit: @chrisdcomedy

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Ryan McKee (@TheRyanMcKee) is the editor of Guy Code Blog