Things We Fux With This Week: Brilliant Idiots, Kyle Korver & More

Antonio Cromartie and Crew

We’re starting a new running column, Things We Fux With This Week. It’s going to be a random list of things our contributors are obsessed with every Friday. There are no stipulations on what we might include (within reason): gear, clothing, music, TV shows, movies, celebrities, food, booze, websites, social media accounts, etc.

Obviously, today is not Friday. I meant to publish this last Friday, but work got busy (or I was binging “The Brilliant Idiots” podcasts), so it’s going up today instead. Fridays from here on out, I swear. Also, it won’t just be one person writing submitting shiz, but a roundtable of our bloggers. That way you’ll get a wide array of awesome randomness. I just hogged the first column because I had a lot of picks (and I have that power).

The Brilliant Idiots Podcast


Andrew Schulz and Charlamagne Tha God could be the most talkative and opinionated people on “Guy Code.” That’s saying a lot since the cast is full of talkative and opinionated comedians. They have now combined their forces in “The Brilliant Idiots” podcast. Last Monday, they released three one-hour-plus episodes and another hour and half on Friday. Off to a prolific start. I imagine they’ll release them sporadically, since their schedules are both demanding. But it’s a must subscribe for any “Guy Code,” comedy and/or hip-hop fans.

Also, check out Andrew and Charlamagne’s episodes on the “Guy Code Podcast.”

Kyle Korver and the Hawks


At the beginning of the season, I was 100% on the Indiana Pacers bandwagon. They seemed liked a blue-collar group of well-coached underdogs. Then the players started believing the hype, this photo happened and the wheels fell off the bandwagon. Since All-Star Weekend, we’ve been subjected to a barrage of reports about their in-fighting and Roy Hibbert’s whining. I can’t help but root for the eighth-seeded Atlanta Hawks to knock them out of the playoffs, so we can start ignoring them again. Especially after yesterday’s game and Kyle Korver‘s two blocks on the Pacers’ seven-footer. The White Mutombo? Korver has never been called that, but he looked like it this weekend. Go Hawks!

George Dickel’s Barrel Select


Personally, I’m a bourbon man and bourbon men are never caught dead drinking Tennessee Whiskey. However, recently, I found myself in Nashville and tried George Dickel’s Barrel Select. I’ve been hooked ever since.



I don’t wear jewelry. I don’t like a lot of accessories. I don’t even wear collared shirts all that often or dress up. However, I’ve recently been finding excuses to wear these horse-racing cufflinks. I spend a lot of time during the spring and summer at the horse track. I love the tradition of the sport and the gambling (mostly the gambling). These cufflinks trick me into thinking I’m going to the tracks instead of work.

Orb Audio

I’m not a guy who over-thinks his stereo equipment. For years I’ve been pumping jams out of a laptop speaker and haven’t thought twice about it. However, now that I have this setup from Orb, I’ll never go back. I’ve never owned a subwoofer, never even knew what one did, but now that I’ve been cranking Jay-Z and Future Islands alike over it, I get it. It’s great. Doesn’t take up much room and sounds awesome. If you can afford it, do it. You won’t be sorry.

Antonio Cromartie’s Facebook Page


Born and raised in Arizona, I’m a huge Cardinals fan, but I live in New York so I follow the Giants and Jets too. That’s why I was so stoked when my favorite New York football player, Antonio Cromartie (and his six kids), signed with the Cards. Paired with Patrick Peterson, they might be the best cornerback tandem in the league next season.

I don’t usually follow athletes on Facebook, but in a fit of excitement, I followed Cromartie a month ago and haven’t looked back. His feed is a mix of funny kid photos, motivational videos of him exercising, fan art, plugs for his gear and even a video of him failing to dunk a basketball. Not sure why I’ve been checking it so often, I just find him oddly fascinating.

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