7 Movies To NOT Watch With Your Friend With Benefits


If you’re lucky enough to have a Friend With Benefits, you probably only do two things together: Watch movies and…well, you know. But turning on the wrong flick can sour the mood real quick, especially if it makes you both examine your not-quite-relationship. The next time you text your bang buddy to come over and “watch a movie,” just make sure it’s not one of these.

“When Harry Met Sally…”

It’s a great film to be sure, but a story about two friends who are destined to be together is going to make for a super awkward evening. Also, is there a word for the opposite of an aphrodisiac? Because that’s Billy Crystal‘s beard.

“The 40-Year Old Virgin”

A great comedy about sex is perfect, right? Uh, wrong. Not only does the message of this movie denounce casual sex, but there’s also an extended discussion of the concept of “f*ck buddies” courtesy of Jane Lynch, and it’s not a mood-setter.

“Friends With Benefits”

One of the two FWB movies released in 2011. In this one, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have a casual thing until, spoiler, they fall in love. This movie will surely torpedo your cushy, sex-based friendship.

“No Strings Attached”

Same thing, except this time it’s Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. There’s no way you and your FWB are half as hot as these two, so you’ll feel dumb even trying to get it on.

“What’s Your Number?”

Maybe your FWB thinks your relationship “doesn’t count.” This movie will make her literally count — because it’s premised on the idea that women will never find a husband if they sleep with more than 19 guys — and odds are she won’t like that math with you in the equation.


Another innocuous comedy, right? Yeah, except Jon Hamm plays an evil eff buddy, and Kristin Wiig‘s character isn’t truly happy until she ditches him. Play this and watch your FWB lose interest in real time.

“The Notebook”

Love can conquer all! There’s a Mr. Right for everyone! And chances are, it’s not you! Avoid all Nicholas Sparks movies, since they’re mostly about a woman who is wasting her time with the wrong man — and eventually falls in love with, like, an amnesiac fireman or something.

“Magic Mike”

Another movie in which casual sex leads to love, plus a bunch of hot men dance around. Your FWB will be googling “Local Chippendales” while you run into the other room to do sit-ups.

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Evan Scott Schwartz (@TheEvanSchwartz) is a writer from New York City.