Adult Film Stars Confess Their Unpopular Opinions

tori black priuses

One of the most persistent trending topics on Twitter is #ConfessYourUnpopularOpinion, which gives users a (kind of) safe space to vent their secret pet peeves, from popular musicians and movies they can’t stand to political beliefs that aren’t 100% mainstream. A lot of those unpopular opinions are unpopular for a reason (and should probably stay that way) but hey, any opinion you have will piss off somebody on the internet, so you might as well speak your mind.

We all have our iconoclastic sides, and the ladies of adult entertainment are no different. While you probably never stopped to consider porn stars’ personal beliefs — because you’d “only stop” if someone walked in the room — it turns out they’re, um, passionate about all kinds of topics, as Coed discovered at Atlantic City’s Exxxotica Expo over the weekend. Watch this video for some unlikely rants (including NSFW language) from faces that might be familiar:

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