You’ll Always Remember Your One Cool Teacher


Anybody who says high school is awesome never went to high school. You’re forced to spend a huge chunk of your life in a building that feels like a prison, memorizing a bunch of information that — for the most part — will have absolutely zero effect on your adult life (when, spoiler alert, you’ve forgotten all of it). Meanwhile you’re ruthlessly judged by your peers, not to mention by administrators who assume you’re up to no good.

The bright spot of your secondary education? We all seem to have that one teacher who is cool as hell. They have a surprisingly edgy sense of humor, pepper their lectures with science-fiction references and assign essay topics that seem weird at first but actually make you think. Even though the principal hates them, most likely (because “Dead Poets Society” is pretty on the mark), they teach you more than any other faculty member and seem more like a friend than someone who’ll send you to detention for acting like a smartass.

In honor of these awesome educators, theCHIVE collected 34 funny photos of teachers doing it right. Check out a few blow and then click through for more…




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