5 Amazing Pro Wrestler Workouts

hulk hogan bicep blasts

If you ever want to defeat an opponent in the squared cricle, you first must defeat most guys’ greatest fear: Going to the gym. WWE competitors have to stay in such great shape that one missed workout could mean somebody else becomes the next Superstar. So how do these guys do it week after week? Let’s look at five of the toughest pro wrestling workouts to see if we can apply some all-star techniques to our own backyard exercise…

Brock Lesnar’s Total Conditioning

Brock Lesnar is an NCAA champion, UFC champion, 3x WWE champion and the only man to beat the Undertaker at WrestleMania. So how does one man get so badass that he can dominate three sports? With total body conditioning. Brock will run, he’ll swim, he’ll beat monster truck tires with sledgehammers — whatever it takes for him to get in the best fighting shape possible. Stop doing just bench presses and start mixing it up. True fitness is total body fitness.

Iron Shiek’s Persian Club Challenge

The Iron Sheik, who just gave us his take on the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, has been talking trash since he stepped into the ring in 1972. One of his biggest brags was that he could perform the Persian Club routine longer than anyone else.  It’s one of the most intense upper body workouts in the world, pushing shoulder, hand grip, forearm and core strength all at the same time.  To this day he’s undefeated…unless kicking people in the ribs as they attempt the clubs counts as disqualification.

Hulk Hogan’s Bicep Blasts

If you want to get the largest arms in the world, then listen to the man with the 42″-inch pythons: The immortal Hulk Hogan. In this video, Hulk shows the correct technique to getting maximum results by using lower weights but higher reps. Not having dumbbells around doesn’t even stop the Hulkster, as he’ll  just grab two jugs of orange juice and pump ‘em to the max. It may seem silly, but whatcha gonna do, brother? Hulk knows what he’s talking about.

John Cena’s Leg Work Out

We already know that John Cena can motivate people with his 10 Week Body Change Program, but what does John do when he needs someone to push him? He’s got WWE trainers to create exercises for him like these “Front Squats,” which put weight away from your center of gravity to focus more on the quads. You probably don’t have the luxury of WWE trainers by your side, so don’t be shy about asking a gym staff member to show you how it’s done.

The Rock’s “Focus!”

The Rock didn’t get to be 10x WWE Heavyweight Champion and one of the biggest action stars in the world by slacking at the gym. No. Working out is all about FOCUS! Sure, that girl doing leg lifts across from you is really hot, but no matter what workout you’re doing, you should be doing exactly that: Working. Listen to the People’s Champion, and someday you could be one yourself.

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Jason Saenz (@JasonSaenz) is NYC comedian and writer.