The Iron Sheik Talks 2014 MTV Movie Awards [Video]

The Iron Sheik became a legend in the ’80s for being the most-hated heel in the WWF. Hulk Hogan was America’s superstar. Everyone loved him. But for Hulkamania to really blowup, he needed a rival who scared fans as much as Hogan wowed them. Sheik repped Iran, looked as big and imposing as Hogan, cut angry promos in a thick Middle-Eastern accent and wrestled like a madman. He scared the crap out of me as a child.

Fast-forward to present day, Sheik has again become the man people love to hate via social media. He talks sh*t starts beefs and constantly touts himself as being The Real.

Since Sheik was in New York to promote his new documentary “The Sheik,” we decided to get his opinions on the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. No surprise, he hates most of them. However, you’ll be surprised who has a thing for … Also, ::spoiler alert:: at 74 years old, he can still put you in his patented Camel Clutch.

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards are a wrap! Stick with us for the most talked-about moments, red-carpet photos, our Movie Awards winners list and more.

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