5 Supermodels You Forgot Were At MTV Spring Break

Rebecca Romijn

If there’s one thing that MTV Spring Break is known for, aside from live music performances and legendary comedians, it’s beautiful ladies by the beach. During the ’90s and early ’00s, at the height of the supermodel era, the network wisely called upon these goddesses of human perfection to wrangle us from our winter funks and help us remember what sunshine feels like. Check out some of the models we’re still dreaming about from MTV Spring Breaks of years past.

Rebecca Romijn

Back before she wore blue body paint for the “X-Men” movies, Rebecca Romijn hosted “Spring Break Fashionably Loud ’98.” And, hey, if you’ve ever wanted Fred Durst to spit in your face, skip ahead to about 8:40. You’re welcome!

Niki Taylor

Back in the late ’90s, Niki Taylor was at the top of the supermodel game, posing for Sports Illustrated, Vogue and other magazines. Here she is chatting with the members of *NSync on MTV’s “Fashionably Loud Cancun.”

Carmen Electra

Carmen was a regular at MTV Spring Break during the early ’00s. Check her out in the video above grinding up on the lead singer of Lit, and be instantly transported back to a simpler time. Who wants to go see “Scary Movie”?

Molly Sims

Before her turns on “Las Vegas” and “The Carrie Diaries,” Molly Sims was the host of MTV’s “House of Style” and various fashion specials. For “Fashionably Loud Spring Break,” she introduced the mellow grooves of Crazy Town (seriously, that’s a real band) and palled around with the girl group Dream. What, you don’t remember Dream?

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

Before she was on “Modern Family,” Sofia Vergara was an actress and model (and almost Mrs. Tom Cruise). She was also a presenter at the 2002 MTV Latin Music Awards and helped raise MTV Spring Break 2003’s “caliente” level to new extremes.

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