It’s Not Breaking The Code To Wear Makeup…On TV


If you’ve got a pimple, what’s a guy to do? Sneak into your girlfriend’s (or worse, your mom’s) makeup kit and apply foundation to cover it? Nah, bro, you’ve gotta own that zit and dare your friends to pop it. Or just keep your head low all day. Because if you attempt to conceal that bump, you’ll probably make it even more obvious — and you’ll never hear the end of the Sephora jokes.

However, if you ever get the chance to appear on TV, you have a Guy Code exemption for wearing cosmetics. See, the camera doesn’t just add 10 pounds — it’ll make your face look splotchy as hell without some professional products. And if you’re gonna be on the air, you better look like a million bucks.

Just take it from “Guy Code” stars Chris Distefano, Andrew Schulz, Jon Gabrus and Pete Davidson, who were brave enough to appear in these behind-the-scenes pics and videos from the studio’s powder room — check ‘em out, and be sure to tune in for the Season Four premiere on April 16th…






+ “Guy Code” returns April 16 at 11/10c on MTV2, followed by the premiere of “Jobs That Don’t Suck” with Andrew Schulz

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