Asking A Girl To Prom Soon? Learn From These Masters


Last season on “Guy Code,” you heard what it takes to ask a girl to prom: “Mad confidence,” in the words of Charlamagne. That’s hard to muster if you aren’t already dating someone — the advice at the 11-minute mark here will certainly help…

…but you’ve only got one shot, so you need to make it count. “I would never go to prom with a guy if I was his second choice,” says Melanie Iglesias. “If I found out you got rejected by Suzie…I’d rather go by myself.”

No pressure, but your proposal’s gotta be intricate enough to make you seem thoughtful, but not so intricate that you seem creepily obsessive. That’s why we’re so impressed with these 24 examples over at theCHIVE, which strike the perfect balance. Check out a few below, then click through for the rest. (The last one might be a little intense if it weren’t a girl asking a guy, though.)




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