Mel Madness: Vote For Your Favorite Melanie Iglesias Photos


Thankfully for Melanie Iglesias‘s hundreds of thousands of fans, the model/TV personality is great about consistently posting  photos of herself on Instagram and Twitter. It’s fun to get behind-the-scenes looks of her life as she jumps from photo shoots to co-hosting the new show “Off The Bat From The MLB Fan Cave” (premiering April 1) to shooting season four of “Guy Code” (premiering in April) to autographing posters for fans and goofing around with her best friend Lisa Ramos.

Since March Madness kicked off yesterday with 64 teams entering college sports’ most exclusive bracket, we’ve decided to introduce Mel Madness. Below you can vote on 64 of Meleanie’s best Instagram photos. It’s fun, quick review of her last six months. The photo that gets the most votes will be announced at month’s end.

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Ryan McKee (@TheRyanMcKee) is the head editor of Guy Code Blog