How To Tell You’re Broke Without Checking The ATM

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“Hey girl, I’m just like this crappy economy, because I’m hard as hell and seem to last forever…” Yeah, good luck trying that line at the bar — if you can even afford to be at the bar. Earlier today, it was announced that U.S. unemployment claims had gone up yet again, which means that even though the recession officially ended years ago, a lot of people are still struggling.

Of course, most guys are broke at some point in our lives. We’ll eat cereal for at least a couple meals per day, live in overcrowded apartments that break health ordinances and order the most domestic of domestic beers. But that’s not true desperation — that’s just being in your 20s.

If you want some signs that you’re seriously hitting rock bottom, check out this definitive list at BroBible…and stop stealing razor cartridges from your friends’ medicine cabinets, dude — they’re pretty close to figuring out it’s you.


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