You Weren’t Born To Be Forever Alone….But These Guys Were


It’s the peak of breakup season, partly because the holidays are over (nobody wants to ruin their partner’s Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s/Valentine’s) and partly because the weather outside continues to be the opposite of an antidepressant. If you’ve been on the receiving end of a recent dumping, you might feel like no other woman will ever love you…or even look at you, except to gawk at what a freak you are. You know that lack of confidence is ironically killing your future chances, but you’re still swimming in a toxic pool of self-pity.

Pull yourself together, man! We all go through ups and downs. The important thing is to savor it when you’re up, and put it all in perspective when you’re down. This is temporary, so focus on other things for awhile, follow Guy Code and you’ll soon find someone new, someone better. Unless you’re one of these poor bastards over at theCHIVE, who are actually destined to be forever alone. Check out a few pics below and then click through for the rest!





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