Why The First Round Of The NCAA Tournament Is The Best Sports Day All Year

NCAA basketball

The Super Bowl? A commercial-packed game with countless hours of buildup that could never possibly live up to the hype.

Major League Baseball’s opening day? Not bad, but still, it’s just baseball.

The Olympics Opening Ceremony? Uh…get real.

No, the best sports day of the entire year is unquestionably this Thursday, when the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament kicks off.

You have high-level sports starting at just past noon when Ohio State tips off against Dayton (we’ll ignore the fact that there are lame “play-in” games on Tuesday and Wednesday). You’ll almost certainly still be watching basketball 12 hours later as San Diego State and New Mexico State finish up sometime around midnight EST. For a good portion of those 12 hours, there will often be three or four great games going on at once — meaning you’ll never need to waste eyeball time on lame, repetitive ads or lip-synced halftime performances.

But you’ve still gotta be quick with your clicker finger to not miss any action. Or you can just befriend the one guy in your neighborhood with multiple TVs in his goofy man cave.

Now, 16 basketball games spread out over 12 hours sounds pretty good. But watching basketball isn’t even the best part of the day if we’re being honest. Most major sporting events happen on the weekend, but since the NCAA tournament starts on a weekday, you’re going to have to — you’re going to get to — play hooky from school, work or just life in general.

If you didn’t already put in for vacation or “personal” days, you best start coming down with a cold so you can call in sick, because you’re going to have to clear your schedule completely. You don’t want to devote your Thursday to anything more stressful than plunking down on a comfortable couch and hanging out with your other hooky-playing buddies.

Best of all? Unlike the Super Bowl, which leaves you with nothing to look forward to on Monday, with the NCAA tournament first round, you have the exact same schedule of events to look forward to on Friday!

It’s the start of a four day weekend, which will be exclusively devoted to eating, drinking, gambling and monitoring your bracket picks. What could be better, even if you don’t win Warren Buffett’s money?

Photo Credit: bp6316/Flickr

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Aaron Goldfarb (@aarongoldfarb) is the author of ‘How to Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide’.