We Want YOU To Draw The #GuyCodeMascot For March Madness


We’re only days away from March Madness 2014, which means all of our brainpower is currently dedicated to thinking about NCAA brackets. (What else would we need it for, figuring out our damn taxes?) But your brain has two sides — the logical one and the creative — and both can be put to good use this month.

Judging by these illustrations of Melanie Iglesias, a bunch of you are super talented artists. And since mascots are half the fun of March Madness (the other half is winning your friends’ money), we thought it’d be awesome if fans designed their own “Guy Code” mascots. The pink bunny dude above is show creator Ryan Ling‘s idea of the #GuyCodeMascot, but we’re opening it up to the masses.

Here’s all you’ve gotta do: Tweet a pic of your drawing — it can be any creature or object, as long as it’s not a giant anthropomorphic dick — with the hashtag #GuyCodeMascot. We’ll feature the best entries (along with your Twitter handle) here on Guy Code Blog. Plus, we’ll pick an overall winner who will receive an amazing, expensive prize (which will be announced soon).


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