5 Catholic Saints (Other Than St. Patrick) Who Loved Beer


When it comes to drinking, St. Patrick’s Day is the undisputed champion of holidays. Although it’s true St. Paddy himself loved a pint, there are many other saints who appreciated hops and barley as well. Just because you are a man of God doesn’t mean you can’t be a man of Grog.

1. St. Augustine Of Hippo (354-340 AD)

Of all the boozy saints, St. Auggie was the booziest. Born in Africa, he spent most of his youth throwing parties and cavorting with ladies. However, after the wild, Florida State-esque lifestyle caught up to him, he converted to Christianity. Still, that didn’t stop him from enjoying a drink now and then. His holy life of “moderation” made him an icon to beer makers everywhere and the official “Patron Saint of Brewers.”

2. St. Wenceslas (907-913 AD)

St. Wenceslas was one of the most influential leaders of the Bohemian government. At that time, Bohemia’s hops were world-renowned for the great beer they produced, and were therefore highly sought after by foreign merchants. Well, “Good King Wenceslas” couldn’t just let those sweet grains leave his homeland, so he ordered the death penalty for anyone caught exporting them. Wow! Talk about brand loyalty!

3. St. Brigid Of Ireland (451-525 AD)

It’s only right to get an Irish lassie on this list, right? For many years St. Brigid worked in a leper colony, helping the sick and the poor find religion. She also helped them find a medicinal buzz. Beer was such a part of her mission that, legend has it, when they ran out of brewskies, she managed to brew her dirty bathwater into a tub full of suds. She’s the original bootlegger.

4. St. Amand (584-679 AD)

Some saints preferred to make beer the old-fashioned way. As St. Amand spread the good word in France and Belgium, he also set up the monasteries to brew beer, making him the “Godfather of The Beer Monk.” Without St. Armand’s hand, we wouldn’t have such monk-brewed beers such as Chimay, Westvleteren or Doppelbock today.

5. St. Arnold Of Metz (582-640 AD)

Concerned about the dangers of impure drinking water in his neighborhood (located in modern-day France), St. Arnold implored the people: “Don’t drink the water, drink beer!” We’ve followed this medical advice at a few tailgates. He is also known for another terrific quote: “From man’s sweat and God’s love, beer came into the world.” Amen, brother. Amen.

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Jason Saenz (@Jason Saenz) is a comedian in NYC.