The BEST Best Man Ever Raises $7,000 To Save His Pal’s Wedding


When you’re picking your best man, the friend who’ll stand by your side at the biggest moment of your life, you have to consider a few factors: Do you have a brother? (If yes, then he’s automatically it — don’t worry, your frat brothers will understand.) Can this guy plan a crazy party and keep his mouth shut, possibly on the legal stand? And most important of all, do you trust him in a crisis?

Because all kinds of things can go wrong at a wedding — from lost rings to a dropped cake to family brawls mid-ceremony — and you need a best man who’ll stay calm and save the day. That’s why we’re nominating 33-year-old California man Cameron Scheuplein for the Guy Code Hall Of Fame.

His friend Ray De Santiago’s wedding was set for this week. The couple had taken out $6,000 in cash to pay the vendors — right before burglars hit their home (along with a bunch of others nearby) and took it all. “They ransacked the house, completely turned everything upside down,” Cameron told Gold Morning America. “Ray lost his job two months ago, so his budget was already very tight.”

The couple realized they’d have to do the wedding with no flowers, no cleric and (far more tragically) no bartenders — until Cameron hit the internet and asked friends/family for donations. In just two days he raised $7,000 from 127 people, even more than the original budget.

“We still can’t believe how quickly all these people, even strangers, were willing to help,” the groom said to GMA. “We’re going to use that money that’s exceeding to buy a home security system and get a nice safe to put our valuables in…”

But really, isn’t a trustworthy friend the most valuable thing of all? (That, and an open bar?)


Photos via @camdiz

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