WTF Movie Trivia: Sex Scenes Are Way Crazier Behind The Camera


Guys pride ourselves on the amount of useless information we know about movies, whether it’s verbatim quotes or the crazy sh*t Robert DeNiro did to prepare for roles in the ’70s or the fact that a dude was inside R2D2 the entire time. But we don’t normally try to one-up each other on obscure trivia about cinematic lovemaking — we try to play it cool about Wiki-ing that stuff. (As if you haven’t Googled the hell out of a certain part in “Black Swan.”)

Truth is, though, some of the weirdest and most interesting behind-the-scenes moments take place when actors and actresses drop trou — from props to pranks to legitimately bizarre behavior. Check out these movie memes at Guyism and beef up your film knowledge while remembering how awkward it was to get a chubby in the theater…

eurotrip dungeon

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