36 Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names For 2014


Fantasy baseball is the king of all fantasy games. A good manager needs at least a dose of sabermetrics, a good sense of value and six-months-plus commitment to his roster to compete for the big money. A relationship/marriage-threatening effort like that deserves a solid team name.

To that end, I’ve curated what I think are the 36 best team names for this season, excluding past wonders like Dempster Babies (he retired), Call Me Maybin, You D’Arnaud the Father! and Zero Dark Theriot. And I’ve added some of my own ideas. Use any of them, let them inspire you and if you get any complements go ahead and take credit. Baseball!

Goldschmidt Happens

I Profar Dos Equis

Bay of Puig Invasion

Max Scheisser Videos

That’s What Cishek

ISO Horny

Wacha! Wacha!

Machado About Nothing

Byrd in Hand Is Worth 2 In Furbush

Orange Jhoulys 


Tanaknock Knock Joke

Precious Cargo


Carlos’s Twatter Feed (for Carlos Martinez owners)

You Down with OBP?

Kipniss Everdeen

Taco Bellsbury

Slumpdog Millionerrors

Rajai Against Da Machine

Wanted a Hanley, Got a B.J.

Don’t Bogaerts Da Blunt

Big League Choo

VORP Speed


Mike Ehrman-Trout

Bitches and L.J. Hoes

Divide & Conger

Can’t McCutchen a Break

Come Sale Away

Clark the Pedobear


The Ben Zobriety Test

Motte-Lee Crew

Stick It In Her Buchholz

A Song of Ice and Myers


50 Shades of  Sonny Gray

Blurred Outfield Lines

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