6 More Things You’ll Be Surprised Girls Find Hot

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Last week we brought you “6 Things You’ll Be Surprised Girls Find Hot,” and the response was so massive, we’re bringing you more. Forget trying to attain unrealistic standards of awesomeness! Stop the futile process of trying to better yourself! You’re likely sex-worthy just the way you are, thanks to…

1. Your Medium-Sized Penis

Don’t let  every Cosmo cover and spam email convince you that your penis size is inadequate. The reality is that a lot of girls just want a nice, average “Goldilocks” johnson. Often, the only thing bigger is better at is being more painful.

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2.  The Fact You Need A Haircut

Every guy has had a girl fake it for him — when she’s trying to compliment his new trim. With the wrong cut, even the toughest of guys can look like the awkward kid on picture day. So if you’re on the shaggy side, wear it with pride.

3. Your Big Nose

…or crooked tooth, or any other distinguishing feature that deviates from being conventionally attractive. What you may view as a flaw could make you interesting-looking to girls. In any case, not worrying about it gives you the ultimate sexy feature: Confidence.

4. Your Lack Of A Car

Being without wheels is all about how you spin it. You’re not carless because you’re broke — you’ve relinquished the shackles of oil dependency and embraced your independent spirit by biking everywhere. You didn’t lose your license; you gained a love for the environment and physical fitness. You get the picture.

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5. The Fact You’re A Mama’s Boy

You text her every day. You tell her everything. Sometimes, she still buys you underwear. Your mom may be a dominant figure in your life, but that’s actually a good sign for potential girlfriends — guys who are close to their moms tend to treat women well. (Also, the free laundry is a bonus.) Just make sure your girlfriend isn’t becoming your mom.

6. Your Nerdy Obsession

Whether you collect action figures or secretly spend your Saturdays playing “World Of Warcraft,” a dorky hobby can make you seem intelligent and mysterious. It’s also an excuse for her to learn about something she would’ve never otherwise taken interest in. Just don’t give her sh*t for listening to all those show tunes.

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