Kevin Barnett & Jermaine Fowler Get A TruTV Sketch-Comedy Series

barnett and fowler

Don’t worry, they’ll be back for “Guy Code” season four starting in April, but we just want to extend a big congrats to Jermaine Fowler and Kevin Barnett on landing a sketch-comedy series with TruTV. It’s called “Friend Of The People,” and while details are sparse, Variety reports that it “will include scripted comedy sketches [like ‘Tracy Morgan Freeman’] and man-on-the-street interviews,” with Kevin serving as head writer alongside Josh Rabinowitz from “I Just Want My Pants Back.” Oh yeah, the producers of “Chappelle’s Show” are behind it.

The first of the 10 episodes premiere this summer, so we’ll have to wait to see what they’ve got in store — but in the meantime check out Jermaine and Kevin on the “Guy Code Podcast,” talking about hooking up with girls who’ve got a B.O. problem and other delightful topics:

Photo Credit: YouTube

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