Oscars Remind Us That You’re Never Too Successful For Pizza


Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizza for the A-list celebrities at the Academy Awards tonight and reminded us that even the most successful people in the world love this every man’s meal. It’s the dog of food — man’s best friend. No matter how famous you get, no matter how old, how rich or how poor — there will always be room in your life for pizza. As proof, here are photos of some of our favorite celebrities looking cool while eating a slice.

Brad Pitt Hands Out Pizza To Meryl Streep


Barack Obama’s Go-To Food For A Party


Jay Z and Beyonce Have 0 Problems With Pie


Michael Cera Bonds With J-Woww Over Pizza


Just Try To Look Cooler Eating Pizza


Olivia Munn Makes Pizza Even Sexier


Photo Credit: Getty Images, Pinterest, Famous People Eating Pizza Tumblr

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