Sneak Peeks: ‘Guy Code’ Season Four & ‘Jobs That Don’t Suck’

donnell rawlings season 4

You thought you were excited ’cause “Game Of Thrones” just released a badass teaser poster for its fourth season? Well, we’ve got a whole medieval-themed sneak peek video to get you pumped for “Guy Code” season four, premiering in April on MTV2. Winter will (finally) be over by then, but wisdom is coming — or at least, Jon Gabrus exposing his balls to the camera. Check out this S4 teaser and then clear every Wednesday on your calendar this spring:

Also part of MTV2’s “What The. Wednesdays.” starting in April will be “Guy Code” cast member Andrew Schulz‘s “Jobs That Don’t Suck,” which shows that the economic recession isn’t miserable for every member of Gen Y. Hell, you might not even need a résumé for these awesome careers:

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