Valentine’s Day Cards For Your Bros That Won’t Make Things Weird


Back in the day, you used to give everyone in your elementary school class a Valentine’s Day card. It wasn’t weird to give your bros a card and even some candy. Then we grew up and lost that ability. If you gave your buddy a heart-shaped chocolate tomorrow, he’d probably punch you in the chest (and then eat the chocolate anyway).

Sure, Valentine’s Day is pretty stupid and really just for girls to brag how sweet their boyfriends are to other girls. If you’re a single dude, you can ignore it. But if you’re a single lonely dude, it can make things more depressing. If you have one of those friends, grab one of these cards and send it his way. It may feel weird at first, but he’ll appreciate it in the end.

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Text by Ryan McKee (@theryanmckee), Will Garre (@wgarre) & Zach Broussard (@ZachBroussard)