10 Ways To Make Valentine’s Day All About You

eat girlfriends valentines chocolates

To most guys, Valentine’s Day means dedicating 24 hours to your girlfriend, whether you like it or not. But just because you have to pick up flowers, chocolates and the dinner check, doesn’t mean you can’t make the day about you instead. Check out these fun ideas to turn the V-Day spotlight back on your handsome self — because isn’t self-love the kind you learned first?

1. Buy her the romantic gift of a gym membership.

2. Hire an actor to “choke” during dinner, so you can save him.

3. Take her to a fancy restaurant and spend the whole night checking in on Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, etc.

4. Instagram yourself opening a door for her, post it to reddit, rack up karma. #BestBoyfriendEver

5. Buy her the hat, gloves and scarf you’ve been wanting. Oops, too big for her, and you already lost the receipt.

6. Buy her front row tickets to a Broadway show. Never mention it’s the best view of the female dancers.

7. BCC your entire office on an email explaining that you can’t work late because you’re “getting major laid tonight.”

8. Text a photo of filet mignon to your ex with the caption, “Could’ve been your dinner, how sad for you.”

9. Your girlfriend wanted to spend more time together — obviously that means you should buy her NBA season tickets, right?

10. Give her a framed picture of the two of you for her cubicle. So all her male coworkers know she has a boyfriend.

Photo Credit: John Hritz/Flickr

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Jason Saenz (@notNOTjasonsaenz) is a writer and comedian in NYC.