Power-Ups: Futuristic Remote Controllers To Improve Your Life



Our dominance over technology was cemented with the invention of “the clicker.” This sacred scepter has made our lives easier and allowed us to take root to our couches. Now in our quest to become even lazier, the remote control has evolved into new forms that are right out of movies — meaning touch screens and gesture controls are becoming the norm. So put down those couch cushions and give up looking for your tired, grimy remote with the batteries taped in and give these a look.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate


The universal remote is nothing new. Logitech on the other hand has taken it upon themselves to make a universal remote on steroids. The Logitech Harmony Ultimate controls pretty much everything you can throw at it. The remote boasts a customizable touch screen and very robust programability — so much so that it girlfriend-proofs turning on and off correct components when she wants to watch cable or stream Netflix off the Apple TV.

What if the remote is on the other side of the room? Have no fear! Logitech has developed a companion Android and IOS app that can pull off all the actions of the physical remote. Now the remote works pretty well with just a few minutes of set up via Logitech’s My Harmony website, but if you put extra time locking in all your detailed preferences the Harmony Ultimate arms you as the definitive couch commando.

BearTek Gloves


With the polar vortex swirling into our lives, gloves are a much needed but very clumsy barrier that keeps us from our smart phones and cameras. Equipped with a bluetooth sync or camera module, BearTek Snowsport Gloves are the modern day Power Glove. BearTek gloves allow for wireless control of a phone or GoPro camera with simple thumb and finger touch motions. So digging in your pocket to answer a call, skip a music track and unmounting your GoPro from your helmet to stop recording your time run is a thing of the past.

Leap Motion


Cruising through your pictures and videos with just a wave of your hand or expanding your browser with a simple pinch of your fingers is right out of the movie “Minority Report.” The mini Leap Motion puck brings 3D spatial tracking control to your Mac and PC for just $80. Working in conjunction with apps from Leap Motion’s Airspace app store, you can use your hands to guide your way through games, draw in a design program, paw your way through maps and even designate your hand motions as your computer cursor. Now this is not a replacement for the mouse but it brings us one step closer to hands free computing — so when your girlfriend spots you at your computer looking like you are swimming through an imaginary ocean, just let her know this is the future.

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Chris Moeser (@cmoeser) is a senior producer at MTV.