5 Gadgets You Want From Your Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day bearing down on us this week, guys everywhere are feeling the pressure to not only open our wallets and buy a gift, but to also answer the question, “What do you want for Valentine’s Day?”

She’s not obligated to buy you anything, of course — February 14th is all about her, not you — but hey, if she asks, here are a few tech items that will make her feel good to give, and make you happy to receive.

1. AwoX StriimLight B-10 LED Light Bulb With Bluetooth Speaker ($99)

AwoX StriimLight

For the guy who wants a sound upgrade without running wires through the ceiling, then the AwoX StriimLight is an easy solution. Just screw it in and crank up any song on your phone, laptop or tablet. The Striimlight uses a standard socket to power the Bluetooth speaker as well as the LED bulb inside. For a whole house upgrade, pick up a few of the Wi-Fi version.

2. Logitech Global Fan Collection Wireless Mouse ($30)


For the guy who’s showing off his patriotic pride during the Winter Olympic events, then check the latest results from Sochi with Logitech’s Global Fan Collection mice. There are 14 different country designs to choose from, although unfortunately not one appropriate to click while rooting for the Jamaican bobsled team.

3. Sol Republic Tracks Air ($199)


If your girlfriend still hasn’t spent her Christmas bonus, then don’t be bashful about asking for these babies. There are few things in life that are guaranteed to put a smile on a guy’s face like a really good pair of new headphones. Sol Republic’s Tracks Air are lightweight, comfortable and deliver serious sound from over 100 feet away. Just don’t put ‘em on while she’s trying to talk to you.

4. Happy Hour Timepiece Ish Watch ($150)


The Ish is perfect for the guy who forwards his calls to the local bar after 5 p.m., because isn’t happy hour the one that matters most? Also, there’s a bottle opener built right into the strap. Cheers.

5. Safeplug Internet Privacy Device ($50)


Good luck convincing your girlfriend to buy this so you can hide your favorite adult sites from her. Better to pitch it as a way of keeping both of your data safe. Safeplug works by routing internet traffic through a series of random server destinations, so your actual IP address isn’t revealed. The whole thing is very Jack Ryan, even if you’re not.

Photo credits: Getty Images/Awox/Logitech/Sol Republic/Happy Hour/Safeplug

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