10 Situations It’s Still Acceptable Moon Someone


There was a time when mooning was an art form. OK, that’s not entirely true, but once upon a time, it was essentially an Olympic sport. Guys tried to outdo their friends by finding the most creative ways to show off their asses. And if a girl mooned you, you married her.

Mooning jumped the shark around the mid-’90s. Too many people were doing it. It no longer seemed taboo. Grandmothers were even mooning. Still, there is something funny about randomly showing someone your butt. It has to be the right situation though. You need to carefully pick your moments, otherwise people will just turn away in disgust instead of laughing.

Here are 10 moments when it’s still a good time to moon:

1. Chat Roulette

2. You’ve been doing a ton of yoga and your friends don’t believe your butt looks amazing

3. In the parking lot of a sporting event, when you’ve painted something funny on your butt, and there are no kids in sight

4. During a reunion with your high school buddies and you’re all being stupid anyway

5. At gun point

6. If a girl you’re attracted to asks you to moon her (this almost never happens)

7. When you’re recreating the mooning scene from “Braveheart

8. You’re worried about a weird mole on your butt, but don’t have health insurance, so you ask your smartest friend for his/her opinion

9. During a protest

10. After breaking your jaw, your mouth is wired shut and someone desperately needs to know where the gluteus maximus is located

Photo Credit: @jenselter

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Kathy Iandoli (@Kath3000) has never mooned anyone, but there’s a first time for everything.