10 Honest Valentine’s Day Cards For The Girl You Just Started Dating


Valentine’s Day can be a really weird time if you just started dating a new girl. You feel like you give her something, because you don’t want to piss her off. However, you don’t want her to give the wrong idea and think things are more serious than they are.

Most V-Day cards are filled with proclamations of love and incorporate words words like “forever” and “commitment.” Even those crappy little candy hearts say things like “Be True” and “All Mine.” Pump the brakes, cupid! You just met this lady. That’s why we’ve created 10 Valentine’s Day cards for the girl you just started dating. Pick the one that best describes your situation and give it to your gal. She’ll realize you care, but won’t be able to accuse you of leading her on or being dishonest later.

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Text by Ryan McKee (@theryanmckee), Will Garre (@wgarre) & Zach Broussard (@ZachBroussard)