Prom Night Lessons From Celebrities’ Awkward High School Photos

Snoop Dogg prom photo

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, but for our younger readers, you’ll soon have to empty your wallet for another obligatory date. We’re talking about your prom, and — since you’ll be remembering it for the rest of your life, possibly with traumatic embarrassment — you should try to get it right. You can watch any number of classic teen movies for examples of what not to do, but you can also glean a few positive tips from before-they-were-famous celebrity photos.

Take Snoop Dogg above, who knows how to rock a sharp tux. Don’t borrow an ill-fitting, outdated one from an older family member; you want to go for a modern-yet-classic cut in black and white — something that will age gracefully — so you won’t look back and cringe someday like all those dudes whose 1970s yearbooks immortalized them in powder-blue ruffles. (Though Snoop could probably rock powder-blue ruffles too, just ’cause he’s f*cking Snoop.)

Brad Pitt prom photo

What you wear, however, isn’t nearly as important as how you carry yourself. While your date might consider you marginally less dashing than Brad Pitt, you want to project confidence. If you’re having a great time, then she’ll have a great time. If you’re being self-conscious and nervous and generally a weirdo…well, that’s inevitable, but try to hide it behind a million-dollar smile.

John Krasinski prom photo

Yeah, maybe he borrowed a tie from Dad, but John Krasinski‘s nice guy demeanor eventually kept millions of ladies watching “The Office” for 29 seasons or whatever it was, so be a gentleman. Too many guys pressure their dates to make prom night the night, but you’re supposed to be acting like a classy adult for once, not a creep who just happens to be wearing a boutonniere.

Will Ferrell prom photo

And finally, take it from Will Ferrell: Prom, like everything else in your teenage years (and arguably afterward), is one big joke. Laugh accordingly.

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