Denver Vs. Seattle: Which One Is The Cooler City?

Photo Credit: NFL Network, Getty Images

For the last two weeks, we’ve heard endless debate on which team is better, Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks. We feel like all the angles have been explored and every point has been made. However, there is one more day until the Super Bowl and we still want to argue about Seattle versus Denver.

That’s why we’re so glad our pals at MTV News made this impressive infographic comparing the two cities by their pop culture. Which city has a cooler story behind their name? Which one hosted the better season of “Real World“? Is it Trey Parker‘s hometown or Macklemore‘s hood? There are so many things to take into consideration. MTV News came to the conclusion, after extensive scientific research, that Seattle has the edge. Check out the below infographic and let us know if you agree.

Denver Vs. Seattle Infographic

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