Super Bowl Party Food Pyramid Infographic


Throwing an epic Super Bowl Party is the easiest of all parties to accomplish.

1) You don’t have to worry about providing entertainment.
The Super Bowl and accompanying commercials accomplish that.

2) You don’t have to worry about making awkward small talk.
You shouldn’t be talking during the game. And if you do, it should only a quick observation about the game. You shouldn’t be talking during the commercials, unless it’s to make a quick approving or snarky comment.

3) You don’t have to worry about your guests expecting different things from you. 
They should all be there to watch the game. Some won’t want to dance to bass-thumping music, while others want board games, while others want enlightening debate. They should only want the game — if they don’t, you invited the wrong people.

All you have to do is have an appropriately-sized HD TV with good sound and a solid cable/satellite connection. And provide awesome food and drinks. Yes, people should show up with stuff, but you can’t rely on them to bring amazing options that will make your party the one “everyone remembers.” As the host, you’ll have to pony-up some cash. There is no way around it. But if you follow our pyramid, the platinum-level party you throw will bring you good will from friends and acquaintances for years.

Platinum Level

Omaha steaks (in honor of Peyton Mannning), crab legs, chocolate fountain, champagne, Nyotaimori (aka naked woman covered in sushi)

Gold Level

Bacon-wrapped shrimp, BBQ ribs, top-shelf alcohol, bottled beer, lobster mac n’ cheese, pulled-pork sandwiches

Silver Level

Cheese plate, tater tots, bratwurst, pizza, keg, guacamole, huge sub sandwich

Bronze Level

Veggies plate, chips, jar of salsa, hot dogs, hot wings, canned beer, popcorn, boxed wine

Illustration by Bryan Hollingsworth

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