15 Signs You’re Becoming Your Dad


Face it. One day soon you’re going to look into the mirror and see your dad staring right back at you. No, he hasn’t become the Candy Man sent from beyond the grave to haunt you, it’s even worse than that… YOU are becoming HIM! So how long do you have before it’s time to buy pleated khakis on sale? Take a look at some of these warning signs below and find out:

1. You begin noticing eyebrow hair where it shouldn’t be, like on your back.

2. You emit an audible sigh of relief when you sit down.

3. You’d rather settle with a “nice” girl then end up handcuffed with a “fun” one.

4. You cry during sports (commercials).

5. You woke up three times to pee last night and you didn’t even drink one beer.

6. You make sure all your neon signs, lava lamps and game consoles are turned off before leaving the house.

7. You seriously consider building a bar in basement so you won’t have to go out anymore.

8. You constantly forget where you put the keys to the Kegerator.

9. You buy shoes for comfort, rather than style.

10. You wear jeans to the pickup football game and think nothing of it.

11: You stretch longer than you exercise.

12: You have to put on glasses to play video games.

13: Someone made a pun and you laughed… for hours.

14: When a friends asked to borrow money you told him to “get a job.”

15: You can’t believe how young these professional athletes are nowadays.

Photo Credit: FunnyAsDuck

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Jason Saenz (@Not NOT Jason Saenz) is a NYC writer.