WWE’s John Cena Talks Fitness And The Code [Interview]

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Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that John Cena is one of the most dominated forces in the WWE Universe today. In the 12 years since his debut on “Smackdown!,” he’s has racked up an astonishing 14 World championships, two “Rumble Rumble victories and a six pack that would put any gym rat to shame. Now John’s stepping outside the ring and into your living room with a new exercise program he helped develop called “10 Weeks BodyChange.”

But Cena’s toughest challenge yet might be just getting today’s lazy guy off the couch, especially when there are chicken wings and beer to be had on Superbowl Sunday. Thankfully, I was able to to sit down with the Dr. of Thuganomics and talk to him about why normal guys like us would want to join his fitness program.

Now let me say this first; I do yoga once a week. Am I a big p*ssy?

I dunno. Is that in Guy Code?

(Laughs) I think I’m breaking it.

Yeah, I’d check on that.

Hey, most guys I know don’t even do that much exercise. 

Hey, I know it’s hard for guys to make a commitment. But, what if I told we can stream line nutrition. Stream line exercise. What if I told you that you didn’t have to spend money on gas to go to the gym or spend money for a gym membership? You don’t have to exercise in front of your homies. If you have an open space in your apartment you can start exercising and get the body that you want? Just 20 minutes, two times a week.

Some guys think it’s breaking Guy Code to join a fitness program like this. They think it looks dumb.

The thing about guys is that we don’t want to be embarrassed, we don’t want to be embarrassed in front of our girl, we don’t want to be embarrassed in front of the guys. I get it. But, I’m going to be your coach for this thing and we can do it as privately or as publicly as you want. If you secretly just want to do the program, I’ll do it with you. I’ll do the exercises with you. I’ll send you emails all the time, I’ll send you web content all the time and we can do it together. No problem. You don’t have to tell the boys, you can keep that pride. We’re good. But you won’t look like an idiot when they turn to you and say, ‘Dude, what are you doing? You look great’.

Why’d you start this program?

You should go into a gym and just look around. People paying good, hard-earned money and they don’t know what the F they’re doing. I go to gyms all across the world and with about 75% of the people I see I just want to go up to and say, “Hey! You’re doing it wrong! Stop wasting your time!” But you can’t. They’re on their own deal, everyone has to find their own way.

One last question, is there one line that you won’t cross with your buddies in the WWE?

Rule number one: don’t rib unless you want to be ribbed. If you prank someone, someone is going to get you back. It may not be the person you pranked, because they might not be good at pranks, but we’ve got our homies. We’ve got our wolf. We call in another prankster and he’ll get you back. So, you got to respect peoples personal space and don’t rib unless you want to be ribbed.

Awesome. Thanks for sitting with me John.

My pleasure.

John Cena and Jason Saenz
Cena with Jason Saenz

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