Justin Bieber Gets Arrested, Racking Up Code Violations


By now you’ve heard Justin Bieber was arrested for suspicion on drag racing and driving under the influence. This comes just a little over a week from detectives raiding his home because Bieber’s neighbor reported the singer pelted his house with eggs, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Read The Police Report On Bieber’s Arrest

We can overlook the hundreds of shirtless selfies he posts on Instagram. That’s breaking #GuyCode, but he’s a teen idol and we’d probably do the same thing if millions of girls liked our posts. However, if he’s guilty of these latest crimes, Bieber is a full-on Code-Breaker. Egging someone’s house isn’t a fun prank — it really f*cks up that person’s property. Illegal drag racing and DUIs, that’s on another level completely. That goes without saying that breaks any Code. You can’t live your life like it’s a video game, even if you’re living larger than life.

Justin Bieber Out Of Jail After DUI Arrest

Photo Credit: Miami Police

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