Today’s Dumbass: Man Shares His ‘Wanted’ Pic, Police Catfish Him ASAP


Pretty much everyone who uses the internet is occasionally guilty of A) oversharing and B) believing stuff that isn’t true. That’s no big deal most of the time — but if you’re a fugitive, social media and gullibility is a bad combination.

According to Pennsylvania’s Times Leader, 35-year-old Anthony James Lescowitch Jr. had spent months on the run after allegedly beating a man. Hoping for fresh leads, authorities posted a photo of him on Facebook earlier this week, which Lescowitch then reportedly shared to taunt them. (His friends offered messages of support such as “Good luck lmao” and “Need a ride? Lol.”)

Police immediately created a fake Facebook profile for a hot babe who just loves bad boys, invited Lescowitch for a drink (“The least you can do is come out and have a cigarette with me”) and then arrested him when he showed up.

The good news? A suspect is in custody. The bad news? We just spoiled the potential crossover episode of Catfish” and “COPS.”

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